The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

new cars for 2014

1 - 2014 registrations accepted for new cars include :

The ex-Gerry Marshall , Marsh Plant team Aston Martin V8 that competed in the AMOC Intermarque series in the 90s and the BRDC GT 1993/94 has been registered for 2014 having been bought by David Beatty. The new owner only tested the car for the first time on the friday and took things cautiously , finishing 10th . This historically important Aston is bound to cause interest with enthusiasts and and is a very welcome additon to the growing series.


new cars for 2014 ?

Some of the potential

new cars for 2014...

Chambers Darrian

New to the series is Gordon Wright who ran a Nissan Skyline in Time Attack but are switching to conventional circuit racing for 2014. The weapon of choice is this 90`s Darrian T90 which was acquired from the factory 3 years ago. Subject to confirmation but its believed to be the ex-Ken Thomson Scottish GT car which went on to win the British GT3 class in 1996 causing quite a stir at the time. The team are readying the car and have just acquired a 550 bhp Chevy V8 for it ! In light of the success Ian Hall`s similar Darrian has had in the series with the most outright wins so far ,this car is a real dark-horse for podium places. The team also have a smart 70`s Davrian mark 8 which if it that appeared too , would be the first , and an overdue debut of the succesful marque in the new series.


Here`s an interesting project...Denis Bassom sold his racing Corolla in January and has turned his attention to readying a rare kit-car he built many years ago. Its a 1990 AM Sportscars `Imola` that uses a spaceframe chassis and will probably run a Nissan V6 engine. Subject to eligiability for the series this mid-engined car would add yet more variety to the new season.


Having decided to step down a class in the series David Brewis has sold his smart ex-Andy Cummings Lotus Elan and will contest his old Suzuki SC100 , which he recently reacquired back .

David is also in the process of having his Jade Stiletto rebuilt but its the Suzuki that should be on track in 2014 , hopefully making a brace of the little racers along with Neil Claxton`s example.


Piers Phillips car for 2014 has been beautifully restored and had a fresh 1040cc engine too. Its an 1980`s John Maguire Stiletto formerly raced by Tony Cutting adding yet more quality to the small class.

Another Prestige Marque that made its series debut in the opening round of 2014 was Jaguar . Kevin Doyle`s menacing 1975 XJ12 Coupe 6.0 ran in the Special Saloon revival challenge races at Mallory Park in 2011 and is a welcome adition to the series. Actually running a 6.8 litre engine this big banger has the largest engine displacement of any car registered for the series as at the start of May.Kevin finished 5th in both Silverstone races , third in class A.

Jaguar 1 Aston 1

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Porsche 1

Mark Ticehurst won round 1 in John Griffiths` Porsche 935 clone , the blame-belching machine lead from start to finish having set Pole. Mechanical difficulties prevented a repeat on the sunday but the car much to the spectacle of the opening round.

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