The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

Toyota Corolla - Denis Bassom


DRIVER : DENIS BASSOM from Ware , Herts.


ENGINE : TOYOTA 4 Cylinder 16-valve 1700cc

CLASS : B            NUMBER : 10


                                3 CLASS RUNNER-UPS

Toyota Starlet - Andy Wilson


DRIVER : ANDY WILSON from Doncaster


ENGINE : FORD 4 Cylinder

CLASS : C            NUMBER :

SERIES RECORD : 2 STARTS -  ( 2013 )

                                2 CLASS RUNNER-UPS

( + 1 finish in Group B Mini in 2012 )

Starlet - andy wilson starlet 3 Wilson Starlet

Starlet photos kindly provided by Mike Allen


The Corolla AE86 model has a fine record in the 1600cc class of the old British Saloon Car Championship , taking Chris Hodgetts to the 1986 + 87 overall Championships.

Denis has kept the Corolla heritage alive with steady development of this former road car. Engine mods have taken the car to around 220 bhp combined with the usual weight-saving gained from replacing panels with Kevlar and plastic windows. Aerodynamic aids and a sequntial gearbox were added.Having started in `Super Road Saloons` the car was eventually able to step up into `Classic Thunder`( Class D winner 2011) and in 2013 was a welcome addition to the CSCC Special Saloon ranks.

During the winter of 2013/14 Denis sold the car to make way for his new race car for 2014.

Toyota Supra - Terry Nicholls

Terry Nicholls , 70 , is about to make another return to the tracks with his new project , a clone of a TOMS Toyota Supra. Terry has been racing since his debut at Goodwood way back in 1962.

His spell in racing that he is best known for is probably the mid80s to mid90s when he returned after a 10 year racing break with a Bill Robinson-built ,Gartrac modified Ford Capri Mk.3 with 3.4 Cosworth GA power. The car was an outright race winner straight away in the BARC Wendy Wools Special Saloons on its arrival in 1984 and competed through to the series finish around 1989. Terry also raced the Capri with Holman Blackburn in the early Thundersaloons years in 1985/86 before a joint venture with Rod Birley. A Ford Sierra fitted with an air-cooled Porsche 962 engine for 1989 proved fast but problematicle and was abandoned mid-season. The car was sold to Rob Cox.Now one of the Thundersaloon regulars Nicholls was recruited to drive the Honda Legend 6.2 with Tony Wolfe in the abscence behind the wheel of its owner Jim Mensley. The 1990 season was probably Terry`s finest with 4 wins Thundersaloon with co-driver Wolfe took them to to the top of the leader board only for late season niggly issues cost them the title to the slower but more reliable Opel Senator.

Terry would return to Thundersaloons in 1994/95 when the series readmitted older cars and he enjoyed a 3rd place overall at Brands Hatch `94 in the old Capri , humbling more expensive machinery and a class win at Castle Combe the following year.

Terry`s latest project has been 3 years in the making to recreate the first TOMS works Toyota Supra mark 4 race car from the early 90s. This featuring a 450 bhp turbo 6 cylinder 3-litre. The car made a brief debut at Silverstone in March but was withdrawn after qualifying due to lack of wet weather tyres on the day. So its hoped a succesful CSCC debut will be reward for all Terrys toil.

Supra Supra2



ENGINE : 6 Cylinder 3.0 Turbo

CLASS : A            NUMBER : 36

SERIES RECORD : 2 STARTS -  ( 2015 )